Multi-wavelength Blazar Variability on Diverse Time Scales

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报告时间: 1月3日 15:00


报告人: Alok C. Gupta 博士 Aryabhatta Research Institute of observational sciences (ARIES) Manora Peak, Nainital - 263 129 (INDIA)



报告摘要:Blazar is a subclass of radio-loud active galactic nuclei. These objects show large amplitude flux variation in the complete EM spectrum, variable polarization in radio to optical bands, and their emission being predominantly non-thermal. These objects show flux and polarization variability on all possible time scales ranging from a few minutes to several years. In the present talk, I will summarize some of our key results done on flux and polarization variability, cross-correlation in different EM bands and will possible AGN standard models which can explain the results.



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