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Meade(米德)6“ LXD75 AR_6

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LXD75 AR6-AT (f/8) Achromatic Refractor Description

Meade LXD-75 AR-6 Achromatic Refract20080618235222810.jpgor with GOTO. All Meade LXD75's feature high quality diffraction limited optics, the Meade LXD75 German Equatorial Mount with 497 AutoStar, over 30,000 object library, and heavy-duty tripod. The LXD75 series sets new standards in its price class for optical quality, features offered and sturdiness.


More Details and Specifications

Meade LXD-75 AR-6 Achromatic Refractor with GOTO. Features a classic 6" diameter diffraction limited refractor optical system with focal length of 1219mm, f/8. The air-spaced, precision-polished optics produce high resolution and incredible contrast for lunar, planetary, and deep-sky observations. The included Meade LXD75 mount features heavy duty metal castings, dual axis drives, a #497 AutoStar handbox with over 30,000 object library, Meade Smart Drive™ Periodic Error Correction (PEC), fully computerized GOTO pointing, a 3-Star High-Precision polar alignment, heavy-duty tripod, and required counterweights.

This complete telescope package also includes an 8x50 viewfinder with quick release bracket, Meade 26mm Series 4000™ Super Plössl Eyepiece, 2" focuser w/1.25" adapter and 1.25" diagonal. Ships in 2 boxes.



Specifications for LXD75 AR6-AT (f/8) Achromatic Refractor



Focal Length


Focal Ratio


Optical Design

Achromatic Refractor


LXD-75 GOTO German Equatorial with Autostar

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